Marissa Rutka is a filmmaker and actor living in Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Toronto, she attended NYU's Film and Television Program in 2009. Since graduating in 2013 with a BFA and a minor in game design, she has worked as a staff editor for Senior Post, collaborating on and editing various projects which include narratives, documentaries, web series, branded web content, and music videos.  She has helped create content for clients including Vera Wang, Gothamist, Mastercard, Marissa Webb, and Bon Appetit. She has directed commercials that have been featured in the Village Voice. As well, she is a script supervisor who has worked on features, shorts, and commercials.

She is the director of the unscripted web series Coffee Catch Ups (now renamed “Catching Up”), which was nominated for Best Documentary Series at TO Web Fest 2016. The second season of Catching Up was shot in May 2016 and is currently in post-production. 

Additionally, she has been an on camera reporter for the BBC’s Talking Movies, a news and cinema review show hosted by the wonderful Tom Brook. She also has a strong passion for simple illustrations reminiscent of her favorite childhood books.

Marissa approaches every job with a professional and positive attitude, and a work ethic that is no less than 110% – but she still prescribes to her main philosophy that there’s never a bad time to break out into a dance party. Others are welcome to join.



Photography by Jovani Demetrie